Wurm forums now being redirected

2.40 g.m.t.

They’re at a new, temporary home here:


I think we can take it Rolf didn’t like his website, forums and wiki being attacked.

Nothing new if you’ve already read it – but here is what is on the previous home site now in case you can’t see it for some reason:

“The game works perfectly well and the client and payment systems are safe to use but we had some issues with our website during a few hectic hours on the 11th of May.
Our website was the target of an sql injection attack via PHP resulting in a vulnerability known as the Blackhole Exploit.     As a result some web pages we hosted contained malicious code and we are moving away from PHP to web development strategies less prone to these vulnerabilities. Those pages are removed now.
In the meantime, we are going to make sure that what we deliver is clean, safe         and not infected so that you can play Wurm safely.
Our wiki, forum and blog all used php.
We suggest you start using the forum at mmorpg.com for now.          Where and how the wiki will be hosted will probably be decided next week so it will probably be unavailable until then.         The blog is hosted at tumblr now.

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