How to use irc from inside Wurm

Update: things seem to be trundling along reasonably now (8.30 p.m.) so unless I spot something else which maybe people are having trouble finding out, I’m winding this bloggy day down. Here’s another snippet that really should be somewhere visible or posted by someone so I’ll do it. Workaround for if Wurm itself is not downloading properly is to delete the graphics.jar file in the packs dir in your Wurm folder. Less drastically – what worked for me – was just to reboot (without deleting anything) and start Wurm from what remains of the homepage about 3 times.


The Wurmians seem a bit shy so far about posting on their temporary forum, but irc is quite lively just now.  For anyone who knows how it really works (count me out) – here is the info:

#wurm channel, port 6667

which will magically allow you to listen in (so I’m told).
It’s easier to join from ingame – though for some reason this information isn’t at the top of anything in huge letters. Anyway – from inside the game press F1 to bring up the console. Type “irc” (no quotes) in there, then press the enter key, and wait. After a second or two your chat box should show a tab that says #wurm. Look in that and you should see all the happy Wurmians arguing about how to make ink from a squid and such. Pro tip eh!

If it doesn’t work don’t look at me- I’ve hardly ever used it 🙂

We’re having random crashes and disconnects just now. I’m glad my farming round only takes a half hour, I really am. I’ll keep an eye on things here and there and update as the evening wears on.

I think I got my information on Black Hole from Krebs (someone asked) – I’ll try and dig out the link

it wasn’t this one but close enough:

it’s pretty well-known.

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