Wurm Online (forums) still down

Update: (9 a. m. gmt)  From the official forums: “Hi Wurmians – since our server has been hacked via a PHP vulnerability we’ve disabled the forum for now.”

Yep. That’ll be the one. I can’t vouch for the game. I’m not inclined to log in.


This morning as I was checking the Wurm forums whilst not eating cornflakes, I saw this:


– it’s a virus picked up through a weakness in Java which allows scripting through. Java are aware of it and it has since been addressed. I believe Wurm has issues with Java 7, it is to be hoped that the weakness has been corrected in older versions also. I don’t know – but the coders at Wurm are top of the range and I’m pretty sure they’ll check it out – I’m absolutely sure.

That kind of virus is one thing. As part of making …Thingie, we’re deeply interested in security issues and keep up to date with them, so yes, I know all about Black Hole Exploit Kits.

There are other issues I keep up with too. As a courtesy to those that use them, there are buttons on here for Facebook and some other social media. I don’t think using these is any more dangerous than using your browser for picking up viruses like the one above – but there is more to security than just keeping yourself clean and hygaenic.

Favourite cornflake reading includes articles such as these:







Social networking is trendy, huh.

There are hundreds of reports and articles! Mobile Apps and Social Media is where its at for criminals, and marketers alike.  Scammers, you name it – all the vermin are right there. And its real juicy reading – but thats all I want to do with it – read about it. Having realised that we all no longer sit passively in front of boxes watching advertisements, every marketeer in the world is after information about us too. Legitimate or not, dealing with the horde of low-lifes now swarming over social media would be a nuisance and I’d rather wait until it all gets a little less open-world. You’ll notice the ftc is weighing in on some things.

So though I have the buttons for you to use, you wont find me on Facebook, I don’t use Twitter, I’m not going to be on Myspace anytime soon. Or any of the others. I notice a lot of games are now disseminating their news on these first, before it reaches the official forums – EQ2 springs to mind. So theres a penalty for not using these things.


I’ll be checking on Wurm again later – via the official website and forums. I think you can actually play, the servers show as Up …. but knowing what I do I would rather wait for the all-clear. Which will probably be tweeted. Meh forget it, in that case off and do something else – see yaz later.

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4 thoughts on “Wurm Online (forums) still down

  1. Or you can do like I do, reading game related news using separate FB an twitter accounts running with a separate Chrome or Firefox profile

  2. ooo you have an article on Colossal Cave on your site! You’re going on my blogroll you are – in fact …I really like your site. I want to be a dotcom one day too. Revolving tag cloud ftw! http://www.mmocompendium.com/ = hi 🙂

  3. I did get a bit of feedback on that Colossal Cave post. Who would have thought the game touched so many and most of them are still gamers.
    re: dotcom, I can help you with that. My super secret plan for the near future includes hosting other blogs. Drop a note through my contact page if you are interested.

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