Wurm/Life Balance

I have my own take on this – of course. You can tell someone is playing too much Wurm when…

(it’s time to cook dinner and you look in the breadbin for a kindling)

Seriously though, its a very compelling game. Strangely so. You really do see people online for many hours clicking away. Before whacking that practice with a big moral hammer though, got to say there are plenty of pressures in life, and horrors, and duties and woes. Nobody is exempt, not even people that can play for hours and hours, so no I don’t think its wrong to play long hours while you can and if you enjoy it.

I can’t, and I wouldn’t want to if I could. There are too many other interesting things going on. I wake up in the morning with things I have to do, and things I want to do, and things I want to achieve.  It means I value my time, and make sure that anywhere I spend it, I feel is worthwhile. I know I can’t achieve real stuff by sitting in-game and am hence unimpressed by in-game achievements, sorry to say.

In that list of stuff for every day, gaming is very near the bottom – usually the last thing before bed unless I decide to dip into some obscure manual or coding theory – very good for inducing sleep! So I need to be pretty careful with a time-hog like Wurm. It didn’t take long to pinpoint decay as the major source of time leakage. Check. repair/don’t repair  every item – for no gain – not even in-game gain (in fact item quality diminishes). The repair round had to go. If people have the time for it, that’s fine, I don’t though. It’s not a morality issue. I know what work is, what right and wrong are, what laziness is and I’m playing when I’m gaming. Play, and only play, I will pay for and spend time on.

Anyway, I’m pretty comfortable now.

I got rid of everything I planned to do “sometime”, then got rid of everything else but the basics. So the farming round, which I quite enjoy, takes less than an hour. I fish to feed the dogs, boar and traditional fat bear while I do real housework in the evening. The decay round is now non-existent. Basic tools and weapons I repair as I go and the rest is gone bar a few carts and barrels and such that escaped the holocaust. When not needing crops the fields are striped one row fallow, one planted (or other noice patterns) – the horses remain fat. I keep the fields uncrowded too – also quicker and easier to look after (plus I prefer it).

I’ve disbanded any deeds people aren’t using, removed any extra land, fired guards and generally downsized. There are hellhounds all over the place just now which means most of our alts can’t really move out of the house – thats ok – they don’t get premium then unless they are staying home to skill – all fine.  I keep an eye on the forums for the vocal pro-high-decay lobby – so I know what else to get rid of. Ships?

All that isn’t great for Wurm – I spend hardly anything on it nowadays and for me, well it’s a shame to be so limited – for preference I would like be able to have more than two interesting projects going at once – I prefer variety, but then I’d have to maintain all the accoutrements for each project both with money and endless repairing and time. This way it all fits in to the time I do have and is enjoyable. Yay for that at least!

On the upside, I can always re-expand some day – Wurm is very fluid and the lobbies don’t always get their way. Even more on the upside, when I log in its not only to do maintenance – I get to play with other intriguing things or go hunting or exploring. I kept a couple of ships to build, and still have some  horses to breed. Today I found a kelp and a reed bed on one of the deeds – new stuff again! But no, I’m not planning to deed up a giant kelp farm 🙂

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