Curling Up With A Good Bloog (Newbie Bloggers Initiative)


When the rain is storming outside and it’s cold and dreary, when the hail is beating down and the fires are being stoked to keep us warm, beneath my fur, in my cave, not willing to venture out in the wet and wind, I curl up with a hunk of, well usually pizza, but a hunk anyway, and go looking for a good Blog on the prehistoric laptop – well people keep telling me it’s prehistoric when I complain their games dont run..

I’m not an old enough Blogger to give advice really so I’ll do encouragement instead I think, and the first point is about getting readers. People do like reading blogs, people like me. I go looking for them, and I enjoy them. If there’s anything I’m interested in, I go look for a nice meaty blog on the subject. So there’s that. My first blog I wrote just for me, and didn’t bother about readers, but readers are fun. It’s nice to see someone’s had a look. When I realised that first blog wasn’t quite it, I closed it and redirected non-existent people to here. This time, I thought, I’ll see if I can get some readers. It turned out not too hard. I said hi to some bloggers on their blogs and put what I’d thought about what they wrote. And they came and had a look and said hi back. Some were nice enough to mention me – I got readers from that, and someone must have put me on some other places…. Other bloggers were very nice. The few that didn’t say hello back stand out only for being so very few, and I’m sure they just probably didn’t notice… I mean very few – not even  3 I think – so don’t be scared to say hello. The only other thing I did was tell a very few (again around three) people in real and on games I play that I had a blog and that was it. So now I’m back to not worrying about readers again 🙂 Your mileage may vary of course, but basically a little effort, a tiny bit of courage – voila! Readers!

Inspired by other bloggers, I’ve had a happy time of it indeed. It is pleasant to organise your thoughts, put a point of view, or just ramble and rant. And it’s curiously sociable. It’s better than what I used to do which is mutter to myself, I hope not aloud, nobody ever said, but who knows. Because you decide when, how and whether to blog, it doesn’t need to feel remotely like work. You can make it into work if you try, people probably do, but there’s no need. Few things in life escape becoming work. I value blogging for not being work. I know some really good bloggers that don’t write for ages and you check their site on an offchance to find they have been doing other things, as is normal, but there they are again with something to say. I don’t feel I’m competing… but then I’m bit resistant to that anyway… other worky things… no deadlines! ummm no boss!! ummmmmmmmm no office politics !!!!  My second point is have a go because blogging is fun!

I hope the above is encouraging. I’d also like to point out that if you are a scatbrain like I am about somethings, your blog serves as a quite handy place to store clips and sites and urls and stuff that you like at the same time as you share them with other people. I got tired of googling the splendid Wallaces Workshop which is why I put it here. Now I just log into my blog and follow my link – bit of a cheat. And anyone else following the link is in for a treat.  The last thing I’d like to say is if you make it so that people can find things easily you get more interesting and detailed feedback. Most hosts give you a way to see what people liked and found interesting. On this one, WordPress,  I can check my posts and see which ones were read the most, or which words people searched for within the blog (or on Google). Make things easy to find. I encourage you to use categories, search boxes and archives if you like to see how well received your posts have been in order to get that feedback. Because as well as being a pleasure in itself, you can get a boost and a lot of motivation for other things from your


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