Some good (free) Blender tutorials 2.5 ish

Ver 2.63 is already out (can’t …keep …up) but there isn’t the same wealth of information out there for it. These are still relevant. I am on the lookout for more – do feel free to suggest!

building plank building and destroying it with spheres. That one.

Game engine basics from Ira Krakow. Excellent. Ball, cube and plane.


Some really good theoretical and background stuff (eg blender units to real dimensions) – sampler size.

Bezier curves.

The immortal “growing a vine in blender” (simple version)

It’s a bit old now but still.

A more up to date explanation of the above.

Having discovered the sculpt tool, our art dept is in again overdrive. Presently creating Testblob, who will have a far-too-interesting digital life. Havent found a lot about terrain – would be happy (joy!) if anyone could point me at something in that direction.

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2 thoughts on “Some good (free) Blender tutorials 2.5 ish

  1. Tesh

    Hrm… I might have to dig into Blender again. I tried it pre-2.5, and the UI turned me off *really* fast. The darn thing was nigh unusable. It got better, but it’s still so alien to the Max/Maya mindset that I have that it’s a nightmare sometimes.

    Still… it’s free. It’s powerful. I *want* to like it.

    Thanks for the links!

  2. A complete pleasure Tesh, you’re welcome! Blender has that lovely “it’s alive!” thing going just now – long may it last. That makes it real fun to work with. I put the Lynda stuff specially because of the ui btw – one of her free vids shows how its structured and makes sense of it.

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