I like an afternoon nap, me, actually

so roll on with the duelling definitions. Once, long time ago, I had the luxury of being able to discover what my natural sleep patterns are. Not many people can say that! Anyway mine turn out to be sleep a bit, get up do stuff, sleep a bit – with no other reference to day or night, and sleeping/waking for varying lengths of time. The weather, hot weather = have a longer snooze, rainy weather = have a deeper snooze. Cold or mild weather, get out and about. Not that long ago I also took a child to the zoo and observed pretty much the same behaviour. The animals slept a bit, got up and wandered about a bit… I am not alone!

I don’t actually know anyone else that’s found out their personal sleep patterns. Mostly we live with them being interrupted to the point of being unobservable I think. On the weekends I always plan for an afternoon nap because I now happen to know that’s likely to be a natural thing for me. Here’s a list of things that send me off beautifully (apart from people not debating which field the prize pig should be in because they can’t figure out what a pig or a field is.) Some are quite noisy, oddly enough:

* plane droning in the sky on a hot summer afternoon
* muted sounds of joyful pvp from computers around the house
* hot water bottle in small of back
* sound of rain outside through open window
* scent of herbed roast slowly evolving in the kitchen
* having been out earlier for a long walk!
* clear (well pretty much) concscience 🙂
* daydream about fluffy pink clouds…. and

that’s it, I’m away again.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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