Laptop owners like eyecandy too (+1 to Forsaken World)

I’ve been meaning to write about Forsaken World for a while. It’s a game that lives firmly on my hard drive. I like playing it, it causes me no grief or stress, and it deserves a good word. I’ve been playing since just after it launched, not bothering with progression, since I long ago stopped mixing playing with work or competition. I do think if you’re hardcore or progressionist it might be frustrating, wouldn’t know, don’t want to know. As a way of spending happy hours not in the real world it works just fine. It’s very different from Wurm (so is everything), bears some resemblance to WoW, is a bit like Perfect World, it was made to make money and I have no doubt it’s doing that effectively but it doesn’t annoy you about it. Quite hard to describe. The model seems to have been make it, ship it, maintain it, add a few things now and then, profit from cash shop = deceptively simple. And it looks good, maybe particularly on the laptops. (I have seen some high enders complaining that their ubersettings don’t give them anything extra.)

standard settings – it’s a miracle!

Many things in life make me happy and that is definitely one of them. When I sit down to play, sometimes it’s juust nice to look at something pretty that doesn’t lag, not a hint of it. But it’s not only that, I think it’san interesting game both to play and to look at as a game.

I may be wrong but I do think this game was put together like Frankenstein from ideas in other games that work, so it has a lot of the old garbage (well I think it’s time to bin this stuff) – sticky guilds, no solo instances (at all!) and various other things which don’t look so happy nowadays. I’m up to 40 on my bard, but most of the time I’m trying not to be turbo-boosted and go faster. Which is quite hard to achieve.

And there are a lot of systems. I’m not sure if they just like systems or decided to try all of them out. At first I was more than bewildered by all the free stuff your bag fills up with. I still hav eno idea what half of it is for and absolutely no way to keep it all for finding out later. Somewhere around level 30 it dawned on me that they intend you to try it out and enjoy it, whatever it is. Maybe I’m just thick!

Tell you what though, its nice. You get a lot of free stuff – allsorts, and there are many different ways to acquire it. Some is permanent and all yours, some is temporary and obviously a taster for cash shop items – fair enough.

And then there is stuff you pick up just by playing. There is generally a lot of stuff in this game. And not a lot of bag space. Having discovered what all those shards are for, for example, – ok, I’m slow, I made an alt who is having fun collecting some to get a few items of gear I missed picking up through main quests and complete an outfit I like (he isn’t doing much else though – no room!) That kind of thing. He has to level slowly too or he’ll outlevel the mobs that drop the shards he needs. The pet system is fun. The crafting system is somewhat thin and totally weird but there is one. You get a daily allowance of vigor (energy resource) which doesn’t go all that far and doesn’t correspond to the vigor bar in your jobs window. It usually says I have plenty left when I run out – I’m probably missing something. Things are restricted in odd places. It’s kind of intriguing. Foreign. Strange!

The movement puts a lot of people off but after a day or two I got used to that. It’s wasd, but not wasd you know it. You can strafe only, no turning, and no way to bind the movement keys, while the camera stays at the same angle. Most odd. You can also click on the ground to move which would be ok apart from then you still have to move the camera independently. So most people autoroute.  I autoroute. I don’t mind it. I like watching the scenery. I can go make a cup of tea while I travel. It’s ok. It’s fine. Nae bother.

There are various reps and factions, a ton of dailies, a main quest line, loads of books, in short more than plenty to do. The instances are actually quite enjoyable – again if you’re competitive they might not be. I find them easy to do and not inhabited by screaming emotional madpeople, but I only bother to do them when it’s necessary to get rid of something in my quest log. I’ve never felt I *had* to buy anything to get further in the game (mind I’m not level capped or doing progression tho). The auction house works fine…, the spells are varied enough (cooldown watching based) essentially it all works without much fuss and it’s interesting enough for me to log in most days. I enjoy running around killing monsters in totally absurd clothing when its this pretty. There is a fair amount of underwear at lower levels though – aww stop it people, underwear is a tired old gimmick by now surely!

Hmm apparently not. Well underwear or no underwear I think I’m going to make a vampire.

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