All this new stuff! (Wurm Online)

One of the most fun things about this game has always been the way that it changes from day to day, from week to week. It has never been a case of waiting for updates, patches, expansions. Instead things can change mightily from one day to the next, or suddenly not be quite what they were. Even if nothing happens devside, the world itself and its systems ensure that it never gets boring, but frankly after a few weeks of play you get the clear sense that this is a game with an interested team actively working on it. It’s always been like that. Right now we have some exciting stuff going on again …and I don’t have a clue what some of it’s about but it involves many unicorns. Many many many many many unicorns. All over the place. I even own a unicorn now, by mistake. It got trapped at a mine door and I’m having the devil’s own job keeping it fed while I try to raise my animal taming to the dizzy heights required to get it down from there. I fact I had two up there, but one died of old age (somewhat to my relief).

Wurm has the best weather

Then there’s timers – apparently some timers were decreased and the world didn’t end, which is good news. Twitch players have been known to faint upon discovering that an action can take 30 seconds to perform, and quite a lot of actions fall into that category. Frankly, I haven’t noticed much difference – some things even seem slower to me. But I’ll ask my friend Darkren to explain it to me in words of one syllable sometime. I don’t mind. I usually do something else while I do slow stuff anyway. Maybe it was other timers, maybe it is more noticeable higher up. I doubt speeding timers up a tad will do any harm, but I was a little worried. The relaxing pace is… relaxing, I like that. You get enough excitement when a bear jumps on you etc.

At the same time as a lot changes, many irritating things never seem to be tackled. Much excitement then that we now have doors for our houses we can drive carts through. Phew. It was always the most tremendous nuisance not to be able to do that – I’m busy with other stuff, but I have a workshop with a wall missing for that very reason – so that I could drive a cart right in. So, very looking forward to replacing the blank space with a double door, particularly as things should decay (ugh) a little less in a finished building. Yippidididoodah and all that.

Then, we got “rares” now, all kinds of “rare” things, and there are higher grades too – superb or something. Well, I do have a rare tree sprout. I’m not sure what that means. Think I’ll just hang onto it. Rare things are slightly better than normal things, as far as I can tell, shorter timers or better effects, that kind of thing. There are so very many different objects in the game though, and I think what rare things exactly do is still being worked through. I’m not going to plant my rare sprout just yet, I’ll admire it instead – it even has blue text. Very nice 🙂

Fishing rods are snapping all over the place though. There has been a change to fishing. But that might not be connected. Or it might. We have an actual patch note for that – says fishing spots will change with the seasons – pretty cool – and bigger fish will be harder to catch. Doesn’t say anything about how your fishing rod will snap after catching 3 tiddlers needless to say, and I know they are working on it. I do know. But I can tell you I have doggies to feed, and I need fish, and it’s taking wayyyy too long. I only catch small ones, then have to go and make more rods. I’m afraid it will have to be a dog cull if this isn’t fixed soon. Or just let the dogs go. I can’t feed them. The dev team do seem to be blissfully unaware that anyone does anything else apart from playing Wurm.

I think that’s a pitfall a lot of  dev teams fall into though. There are always people who do live online, and they know a lot and progress a lot and need to be catered to. Must be easy to take them as the main focus of the whole enterprise. Us who pay for full time but only log on for an hour here and there… easily forgotten in all the noise – nevermind, I still found a very comfortable niche in the game. And that’s good enough.

What else we got – well for some reason in two weeks time you won’t be able to build boats in carts. Thats a bit nuts because the last person to add something to a boat owns it. Not having some way of building your masterpiece safely is a recipe for grief, seems to me. So there’s a daft one. We get quite a lot of bonkers. Has anyone worked out what the Christmas gnomes do yet?

I believe we are about to experience new animals too – which might explain why the spawns are so strange (and might not). I nearly got killed by a hellhound – those are quite new too. But I found a guard tower, and someone ran out of a village to aid me so it was hellhound, not me,  for supper.

oooo! New models – how could I forget that. Gosh. Yes, all sorts of new models are in. From carts to crops. Lots. That’s another thing making logging in really fun every day – you never know what’s had a makeover. With my older eyes I find the new crops something of a trial – can’t really see when they are ripe. But everything else is well snazzy.

Believe it or not, those are only some of the recent changes. It’s a powerhouse this thing, don’t doubt it!

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