The Breeding of Blue Dogs Part 2 (Wurm Online)

Poor Bonzo.

The hunting alt is relatively new (about a year, maybe two…) and still fairly wussy. We only just fired the spirit guard who was keeping her safe when building needed done and she’s just about coping, but not much more. The area is not so much overrun by mobs as overrun by leftovers. Like all steppes, this one is on the occasional circuit for some mighty hunters, and some meat wagons. What they leave tends to be old, mean and dangerous. Running around looking for a mate for blue Bonzo was not on the menu. But many dogs wander onto the deed and I thought it would all be ok really. Bonzo is a boy which means the chances of getting a blue puppy from him were small anyway, but I wanted to see how small.

Anyway many dogs wandered onto the deed indeed. And they were all, incredibly, insanely, without exception – males. So Bonzo has been a lonely, lonely doggie. Many a night as we sat near the fire cooking his supper of braised scorpion or whatnot, I’ve turned and given him a hug – “don’t worry Bonzo, I say, “she’s out there somewhere.” At least he has had good, sonsy hot meals.

Then the time came to run a gentle grey mare to the hunting deed from up north, mate for Silvermax, a big black horse bred from wild – they two to start a fresh line of black hunting horses. Dograid by name. She and Max got along fine and have already had their first foal and all’s well, a tiny black horse is skipping about, with “a strong body”. On the way down, at the exact place I found Bonzo, lo and behold, a blue dog. Hot and thirsty though I was, had to stop, hunt some for meat to tame her, and yes, at last, towards sunset I rolled in with a few more bruises on me and a Fifi in tow. But…

Rolf did something to the spawns… so I have since found a Lulu, and a Matty,  and Mimi and … poor Bonzo!

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