Wurm Online Begunner’s Guide (PVE) Safe Spot: Part 3

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For the part where you find yourself turning up there every day and begin thinking “this is serious!”

My thanks to everyone who agreed to appear in this guide
and assurances to the good folk of Deli that when I am done I will destroy any structures I no longer need.
Your server is very pretty!

Real life gets busy and its a while before I’m Basalt again – but here I am! While my poll is open, the plan is to meander around, noting resources, meeting people – seeking out good places to log out and begin gaining some skill.  It’s lovely doing this – one of my favourite things. It’s also very necessary. Situational awareness is a very good tool in Wurm. I haven’t pvped a lot here, but I am told that knowing what is where is one of the keys to success in that too. And as I look at things in relation to each other, I’ll be forming, rejecting and reforming a plans of action. Everything takes a long time here – it is well worthwhile (for me) to be planning things in a sequence. Though, must be said – you can also just go for it and see what happens 🙂 Since my playtime is limited I’ll stick with the old fart method. Just going for it can create very long, long windy diversions, or it might be quicker. Depends if you have the time to gamble with.

It’s looking as if the boat is going to be the choice for a safe place. How cool! Never tried that! And oh dear… boat…. Meanwhile:

Tadah dah dah !
(heh no it’s not mine – Dadadah finished his boat a whiley back. gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!)

While I was working on this post, Alphawolfen also contacted me – offering a lift to Exodus – how kind! I’ve yet to meet him ingame, but I’m sure that will happen soon. Yesterday I met Mclight and Cijifan who showed me where they lived and kept me company while I blundered about. Mclight asked where I was when we first said hi, and it turned out I was standing near a shallow cave with a dead scorpion in it – the same scorpion that had killed him- awwww. And I had the pleasure of meeting Crustyfoot – more about that later. And that’s today’s juicy gossip. I have met others, but I like to ask before I put them in here, tis only polite and some people value privacy even in this day and age. In fact it’s never been lonely. The kind of grouping I most enjoy, natural, spontaneous – and totally part of the gameplay.


I had a notion that a boat would be the choice delivered by the poll – had to be – the hardest and most time consuming one – thanks guys! (on the other hand, it’s the fun choice too)  So… I’m not shy as I travel – I ask people if they know of any paid work that I could do because I want to earn a mooring anchor. I think telling people your aims is helpful in Wurm. For more than one reason, really. Firstly being clear about what you want when dealing with other people helps you arrive more quickly at your destination and flushes out those who like to demotivate other people – (make mental note not to get involved with such). Basically if you say what you want other people can help or advise, or not, which has the dignity of being a choice for them rather than a reaction to your mighty actions after the fact. Secondly, people can place you and it’s reassuring to know why you’re there in their neighbourhood and what you might do. Thirdly … aw you get the message. Some people will help, some won’t, nobody gets bothered. (Thirdly enthusiasm is attractive :))

* Tell people what you’re aiming to do as you travel in Wurm – they often help or give good advice, and they often like to tell you some of their story and hear a fragment of yours. At the very least it lets them know you are probably not a Wurmian Axe Murderer.

Using the old fart method of getting things done, I have determined that a mooring anchor is quite tricky – I don’t have the time to skill up mining to mine lead for an anchor and I don’t know where to find any yet either, I don’t have  a field to grow wemp for a mooring rope. The two are also great fun to attach to eachother (not).  Options would be to buy one, or earn one – I’d like to earn one because that way I would get skill in something too. If I was going to buy one… well let me introduce you to our lovely forums, where there are convenient sections for buying things, selling things, and joining villages. Sometimes there are also adverts for work needing done. The forums are a huge source for current information and (for a change in the MMOsphere) are quite lively, and well moderated. It’s where I go for all the latest scuttlebut, the best pics, and invaluable info about patches. Since the official notes are not in much detail, players try stuff out and report. I have to direct you to this post which has nothing to do with this topic – because it made us all laugh. (Err… a child about the place likes me to read the Wurm posts in funny voices…. sorry Wurmians.) http://wurmonline.com/forum/index.php?topic=72172.0

Back to old fart boat-building. In the event I don’t need any of the options I outlined above because Deli smiles yet again and I meet Crustyfoot after having a look at the steppe and being chased by an anaconda. In fact I whizz past him without even noticing he is doing things in his paddock. I’m never sure about anacondas. They are hard to see and follow you for a fair while before giving up, and sometimes spirit guards don’t attack them. So best thing is to run very thoroughly. For ages. Then stop and see if the darned thing pops up again. After losing said anaconda by running west along the beach for an hour or so (it kept on coming), I do make my way back again. In the prolonged, hasty flight I saw a cliff face with a gentle slope – rummaging potential thar, if I don’t find a convenient mine.

And so it is that I meet Crustyfoot. Upon hearing my tale he offers to give me a mooring anchor.

Well, knock me down with a chicken.

I tell him I’d prefer to work for it and we do a deal. Soon I am standing in safety of his deed grounds happily creating bricks with a borrowed chisel, and chatting. If the anaconda turns up again, I comfort myself, at least I’m not alone. Another nice person met, another problem solved.

And another problem gained! My precious new mooring anchor is heavy. I have no place to store it, and I have yet to make the other metal parts (boat lock)  for the boat which means I’ll need a large anvil and a small anvil too –  all way to heavy. And boat keels – heaviest of them all. Oh my! What shall I dooooooooooooo. Ask someone for a place to build? It’s a possibility – I’ve certainly made enough contacts and someone might not mind. Make a cart first? Hmm would need to store the cart somewhere and after a while the little boat would get quite heavy. I might be able to put my mooring anchor in the bank – I don’t know. It would be an ok solution, I’m not going to need it until near the end of the building  … stay tuned for part 4 though, I have a plan ….

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