Vanguard…. be wary (EQ2, ProSiebenSat.1, Vanguard)

First FAQ: you could still be an SOE customer if you played on a US server while living in Europe – European people payed for transfers to US servers = SOE gets some extra money for no development cost.

Second FAQ – oho! Now all of a sudden those transferred accounts will not be able to pay through SOE. If you log in from Europe, to any server, it has to be through ProSiebenSat.1. I guess those people payed for a transfer to no avail then.

Vanguard – f2p soon and I see people already re-subbing. (Incidentally, Vanguard is not included in the SOE/ProSiebenSat.1 deal) – people who love Vanguard are hyped = SOE gets extra money now, before doing anything, for no development cost – and it’s sub money at that.

Vanguard after f2p – I wonder if…

I won’t be in this first pre-f2p wave I’m afraid, I’m well wary of SOE – seem to me like a buncha oddballs. Nice games though. Not sure I trust the promise of some development on Vanguard either.  Make money out of spin seems to be the game. I don’t play that one. They do the work first, then I’ll see how she looks.

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