Don’t allow ghastly people to coagulate…

ever. Because they reinforce eachother and begin to believe they can do as they please, which since they are ghastly, is ghastly stuff. Football hooligans, jails… not hard to find examples, we allow unpleasant and dangerous people to clump at our peril – it is a lesson unlearned. Games fascinate me for their microcosmicness, and I often see people clumping together and yarr yarring eachother until one of them or all of them are psyched up for a piece of nastiness. The only good thing is that at some point they get so carried away all of us other folk actually notice and do some huffing and puffing. I’m avoiding naming one particular game because it mostly reminds me of someone’s tiresome, needy boyfriend who never washes, and never shuts up.

Asocial people who coagulate in games require victims, and a lot of people either never bother to show up (won’t touch the game) or walk. More victims are then required. There is publicity. There is yarr yarring and derision for the sensible people who spit and steer clear. Coagulations of the ghastly kill servers stone dead, and have doubtless contributed negative income to many a game. In real life – the same thing, really.

Wish I had a remedy, but I don’t. Disperse them, shave off the camp followers, insist on a few simple, easy to follow standards?

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