Wurm Online Begunner’s Guide (PVE) wuz ere

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2 thoughts on “Wurm Online Begunner’s Guide (PVE) wuz ere

  1. Hi! I love this Beginner’s Guide that you’re doing! I’m so happy you posted at the Wild Boar Inn, I hadn’t seen your blog before today! Good stuff! 🙂

    Where are your deed(s)?

    • Thanks Moxie :))) – I sometimes see you in chat on Exodus where I have This Will Do Just Fine (near Esert). My main deed is Block Port way up in the North East of Independence, and I have a couple of small tiny deeds for hunting and ore too. I bought Block Port and it’s nice having a deed someone built up – I may have been playing two years or so but playtime is sparse, so my skills don’t reflect the time spent – let’s keep in touch!

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