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It has our attention, that’s for sure. I have already decided to buy it, which is unusual.  Guild Wars is a good product which my family has played happily and without issue since we found it some years ago. I think sales of GW2 will break all records and be astounding, I really do.

I also think their competitors won’t be able to catch up. The lessons to be learned are ones some publishers very obviously don’t want to know or even acknowledge:

Guild Wars, the original,  is exellent value for money.  You buy it, download it, install it and play it – it doesn’t look for stuff you don’t have (physx … hello PotBS – its now 2012), you don’t have to tweak and faddle, the system specs are forgiving. The cash shop is non-intrusive, the game play is entertaining. Every time I have contacted support they have been professional and worked to solve my problem – which is more than can be said for 97% of the game support with which I have dealt. (Yes, I can measure things, I just think it’s an inadequate way of tackling Anything). And they haven’t messed with the playerbase to anywhere near the extent that Blizzard and SOE do, to cite the shining examples of the day. So yeah. I’ll wait to see what the first laptop comments say, and we’ll buy. Well done. I’m not easily parted from my cash.

Solid product, good value, respect for playerbase, forgiving specs. That’s their reputation. Which will now translate to sales of their new product.

And then they even seem to have some new ideas. It’s a winner.

Competitor’s behaviour has filled me with wicked glee also. Will Eve’s already-in-overdrive press release department actually explode I wonder as it strives to churn out yet more more more? Does SOE have any other plans sitting in dusty cupboards to haul out and blow the dust off – long after everyone has given up the will to live waiting for anything to happen. I’m delighted Vanguard will soon be free to play and feel heartily pleased for anyone that’s been holding their breath for the next GU on EQ2. Seems GW2 did the trick, eh. Movement! And then there’s dear old Blizzard.  I bought the annual pass because I knew I’d be playing the year out and I liked the sweeteners they offered. Not a mighty good idea to backtrack on those now though. I wonder what bright spark didn’t check out EU law before posting the original FAQ. I don’t know how it works in the States but over here you sell what you advertise, end of.  The purchaser does not have to take your logistic problems into account when it’s time to deliver, and no amount of contractual small print releases you from handing over what you said you would. And you aren’t allowed to argue interpretations either. It is the vendor’s responsibility to be specific in the advertisements and promotional material. You may not mislead.

If people were under the impression, caused by the FAQ and other material, that they would get into the beta “when it went live”, and they didn’t get into the beta when it went live, the wrath of the law can be invoked. I imagine there’s money to be made from that, for lawyers and customers alike. Anyway the stupid complacency that allows Blizzard to imagine they will be able to get away with some kind of bait and switch here is precisely what will sink them in the end. I bought the annual pass rather than just pay my way through this year because of the sweeteners. If they don’t cough up, I’ll ignore any other special deal they advertise. The goodwill that sends me to buy Guild Wars 2 does not exist in me for any Blizzard product. Like everyone else I put up with them because WoW was one of the better run games in a very poor crop.

Not that it matters hugely – plenty of other stuff to keep me occupied. I’m not planning to buy Pandaria by the way – beta would be a chance to change my mind (must be a few out there feel the same), but that doesn’t seem to occur to them either. Complacent.

The dance has begun!

The blogosphere too has been cheered – there are little GW2 sparklies here and there as people look upon the website or get into the beta. I’ve tried not to read too much, I want the shiny new feeling to be as full-on as possible when I first play, but I’m definitely picking up on the buzz.

From now on until launch I do expect every GW2 move to spark some attention-getting from other game publishers/sellers. People only have so much time and attention, even if they are the hardest of hardcore and right now that big shiny imminent launch is taking up a lot of it. I don’t think Eve can crank out more press releases…… or can they?

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