Life on Wurm and some mild rambling about the Diablo III RMAH


One of the things we are never short of is changes. Originally made as a PvP game, PvP is still the main preoccupation of our Glorious ermm…. well, Rolf. I for one am ok with this mostly – PvP is constantly being tweaked and twiddled with. PvE is very popular indeed though, and though the PvEers escape a lot of the constant fiddling, we do get fallout. Not long ago, trolls were suddenly allowed to bash fences and stone walls. Fields became insecure. Griefers could pull trolls right next to a fence and release the livestock for butchering and fighting skill gain, and they did. You could log on to find a troll had let your lifestock out just because it felt like it – that happened too. Trolls can still bash walls and fences. I hired more guards than usual but has to be said they are not all that effective. At the time, the hunting deed was right next to what I called the Trolls Tea Party. Just over the hill was wall-to-wall trolls of all ages and sizes having a whale of a time on the Steppe.

By luck more than anything else, the hunting deed never did get bashed, and the trolls seemed to have moved on or died out. Less of them was seen overall on all servers. I reduced my guards to one, which is handy for when I need to get building work done and don’t wish to be disturbed. The rest of the time the guard is set not to attack aggressive creatures, unless I desperately need meat, which doesn’t happen very often.

Today I was going to fire that last guard. It’s an extra one silver a month I pay and really just a luxury. Except… apparently spawns have been beefed up today, new lairs are appearing. I wonder if that includes trolls. I’m still going to fire my guard even if it does. One guard is almost useless against a troll just now, taking hours and hours and dying over and over before finally dispatching a troll. Personally I think the trolls just keel over from boredom. I’m not mad keen on being held to ransom is why I’ll still fire the guard. Ummm… well see what happens. Untamed horses are now targettable by aggressives – which means that haulage is suddenly very difficult, and empty bins can be carried off into the distance by looters if they aren’t on deed. I have no great feelings about this by the way…. Wurm is…. well you just ride these things out. Or leave. Or find a way around. Or wait for it to change. Or make a persuasive argument on the forums. Or catch Rolf’s eye at some point – or a million other variables. Ride it out usually.

Great hot diggety dog omg changes are pretty normal stuff here – Wurm is not as static as people think when they first start playing.  I’m not really all that excited by the RMAH in Diablo III. Somehow managing  to be both behind and way ahead of most games – in Wurm the translation of game currency to real currency and back is old hat. Accounts are auctioned on the forums, game currency is sometimes sold there too. It’s quite funny watching people writing about Diablo III and trying to work through the ramifications. In the end it turns out to be quite simple really. Instead of the action happening on eBay or via bots and goldsellers, the players just sell and buy on the forums or privately. An established reputation is an asset, if not a must in these transactions – rip someone off and your chances of doing it again are very small. Of course the main reason for the Diablo III RMAH is not RMT, but the cut the game will take which makes it a stinkier kettle of fish and is a recipe for inducing complications where they need not be. So… instead of free trade using either ingame or real currency it’s all got to be coded and….monetised and….chopped up and tied up otherwise the game might miss out on some cash. oooo can’t have that.

Even the DIII legal problems are self-induced. If someone is evading tax by not declaring what they are selling and buying they are a criminal end of, nothing to do with what game or other source it came from. Just as if people use a game to gamble in a non-gambling country it is they who are breaking the law, and if they then don’t declare their winnings, again, that’s nothing to do with the game they were playing while gambling.

Unless of course, the game wants to play casino House. Then, suddenly there’s a problem. I would imagine that operating as a casino House amongst anti-gambling statutes is going to be somewhat tricky. As far as I know laws encompass intent as well as the letter. Calling it pretend gambling or pretend buying and selling is automatically going to fall the minute real money is involved, in the case of gambling, possibly even before that point.

If you preside over real buying and selling, and take a cut from that, it’s hard to keep out of the legal problems that arise when someone breaks a law via a game transaction, since the game company is then financially benefitting from illegal doings which they facilitated innit. They can argue “unknowingly facilitated” I guess. O well not my problem. That mine door still needs to be replaced.

Today I… lets see, farmed of course, tried to tame a unicorn and got beaten up badly. I know I can’t do it, my skills are too low. But I always try whenever I get the chance anyway. It’s become a ritual. So it ate my onions and then kicked me to pieces. It was bright white and would have fit right in amongst this group that all decided to stand on one tile and pose for a picture

one day, a white unicorn amongst these.

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