Wurm Online (my) update Feb

There’s customer relations, and there is flannel. SOE do flannel (see other post).

I should be safe in here.

My go-to game does Customer Relations. Although I still suffer from flickery ui, the flickering has slowed update by update to the point where I can farm and craft without getting a migraine. That’s not why I’m staying. At the same time one of the client devs is working with me patiently, week after week, to try and work out what is causing the strobing ui.

That’s why I’m staying.

I’m not going to name him/her by name. I’m not going to detail all the lengths to which they have gone to help, but believe me its a long way from the usual generic “yer computer is rubbish” nonsense one is usually dealt. (Yeah no-good computer mysteriously runs anything with a cash shop in it. Hahaha. Pull other one.)

My good neighbour Faldan took me aside and patiently explained all the ways he knows to deal with decay. I’m beyond reason on the subject as I warned him, poor thing – but a lot of it sank in and will be tried out. That’s why I’m staying.

If I cannot do anything but craft and farm I’m welcome to live with a friend who will pay for everything I need and allow me to use all his resources without fetter or hindrance. That’s why I’m staying.

And of course, there’s that time me and the other neighbour took 8 hours and more than 20 (lost count) deaths each to rescue his corpse from a huge cliff down to water fighting mobs every step of the way… I’m staying for epic jaunts like that too 🙂

So the news is… I’m staying.


In other news: after many months of trying my blue deer had a blue fawn, statuesque and striking!

I’ve decided to fold one deed I own, giving it back to it’s previous owner who spent so much time and effort building it. This feels right. It’s a magnificent deed, which I enjoyed lording it over – with plans to rebuild over time. It’s no huge act of generous – I was going to shrink and fold anyway due to the ui. I’d never have been able to work on it enough with the way things are. But I like giving it back to the person who (burned out on it?) built it. I am glad it happened that I kept the walls standing until he reappeared. It gave him an option he wouldn’t otherwise have had, to keep going with it or not. That part is up to him but at least it hasn’t decayed (ugh) to nothingness. There are some fabulous playermade things on Wurm – slowly rotting…. (ok I’ll be quiet)

And… I think I’ll do another guide – with stuff I wish I had found out sooner than I did maybe. A guide for the middle – everyone always ignores the middle in guides. Actually – a guide for before the middle. For that bit where you’ve found your feet and suddenly realise how deep the game is one moment before a crocodile gets you.

I know I’d also like to do a guide on cooking, but that’s partly because I still have stuff to discover about Wurm Cuisine. Might do something in a different format than a guide.  Not sure – a format that would allow me to experiment and report would be best.

And my screenshots are still rahhhhhbish!!

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