Wurm Online – very short beginners guide by a hardened wurm

So.. trying a guide then. Actually I don’t know half the things I can do with this WordPress blog – and I’m having a break from coding while I get some hardware bits – It’s quite nice brushing up on this and that too, and experimenting.

Play it for the gorgeous babes!

*  There are a million other ways to start out this is just my take on it.

*  Press enter (to exit the chat box) and press h – voila ingame wiki (little box)!

*  The wiki and (sparse) patch notes have a complicated relationship with the truth. What you read might be true. It might once have been true. It might mostly be true. It might miss a vital detail. It might be true except the numbers have changed. On the whole it’s a good source of background information. Being constantly in development, Wurm is fluid. These hints are probably just like the wiki – I’ll try to keep them accurate. Ish.

* For how to make the  things I mention so  breezily (make a healing cover tra la la), use the wiki – honest. It will give you the ingredients/materials, tools and some notes on the item itself sometimes.

When you spawn, portable water and food are good goals to have. The bartender will feed you for a short time, and give you water. Clay is needed to make a jar to carry water, and for spare bowls. It is usually a reasonable distance from spawn. Exploration is necessary.

*  If you don’t drink enough water, you won’t be able to regenerate stamina. This is not a good thing when pausing to gasp for stamina after having been chased uphill by a bear. I found out.

*  I know it says you cannot die from starving. You can, actually, but you have to lose 97 or so fat layers first. I found that out too.  For a general idea of how fat you are, right click one of your body parts in the inventory. “Skin and bones” is not too clever. Fat is not the same as nutrition.

*  I always make my first ventures from the water that is usually at the spawn to look for another source of water. Then another source of water – eventually you should have a route that goes… somewhere. A water route to use for exploring further and further. You can use this until you can carry water yourself. I also, similarly, work out safety routes. Safety is not so straightforward. Not every spirit templar is set to attack aggressives, a gate may let you through or may not. Best bet are guard towers. Guards from towers do not automatically defend you though. Type “Help” or “Guards!” in local chat to trigger their aid. Note that if the tower is heavily decayed, there may be no guards. Guards from guard towers attack one thing at a time at the moment so no use trailing the 50 mobs you pulled running away from a troll towards them, (I found out). Guards change a lot in Wurm. “Guards!” is more macho don’t you think?

*  Spirit templars might or might not kill anacondas. You never know.

*  I find 2 jars a good travelling amount, and later you can use waterskins. The next food-and-water goal is a fishing rod.  Forage for cotton and the other necessary things (wood to make a spindle & shaft etc) as you go. Cotton is not terrifically easy to find.

*  Joining a village is insta-ez-mode when it comes to getting  skill, basic equipment, company, information – many benefits. I like to do it the hard way and solo, but village life is fun as well. I wouldn’t advise stealing on the freedom servers. It’s a small community. Also, more important: skills are your only real form of wealth. You need every opportunity you can get to raise them = making your own stuff is more efficient. Also… there’s KOS (kill on sight) . KOS in Wurm like everything else is a little different… The mayor of the village you are passing through doesn’t need to give a reason to put you on the KOS list…. If you steal or grief you will find yourself in a hostile minefield of territories after a while, or very quickly. Villages are often part of a network of allies…. you get the idea.

*  Trolls run very fast. The older they are, the faster they run – I found this out.

*  Scavenging. After you die, first you lie there handily near the thing that killed you. Nobody else can loot your corpse for a while – a day or so. After that you turn into a “pile” that people can loot. If you come across a pile and its not on a deed, you can scavenge it. Personally I look to see if any items are heavily decayed before I help myself. The owner might just be having a hard time finding or rescuing himself/herself. When you have littered the landscape with 20 or so yous trying to recover the original you that has your stuff, you might feel sympathetic toward piles. I know I do. If stuff is very valuable people often post finding it in the forums – for the reasons I just put above. A lot of people who play Wurm have Class! (not all, but a lot).

*  Your first meals aren’t very nourishing and eating raw stuff isn’t good for your nutrition. Yep, I found that out.

Cooked casseroles are the thing at first. It’s fun experimenting and you may end up eating a lot of stew. 2 kinds of meat/fish, one botanised item, one foraged item makes a casserole. (Update: err casseroles seem to have got simpler – one meat and one veg nowadays or two different meats. Hope that’s right.) Heres some good stuff to know: a fillet of fish and one of the same fish unfilleted count as 2 items of meat. When you fillet meat, decay resets to 0. Eating it hot gives better nutrition. You should now start dreaming of owning a frying pan.

* The stuff needed to organise your travelling jar & fishing rod shouldn’t be too heavy to carry, but a safe place to store things is often what people sort out once they can move about without starving or dying of thirst related stamina deprivation. The beginners guide endeth soon because after “safe place to store stuff” people start going off in their own directions. You might not even need a safe place – can just forage & scavenge your way around the world. I know people that have done that.

* If you decide to have a safe place to store things, whatever it is it will need nails and at least one lock. And nails and locks need an anvil which needs iron, which needs ore. Ore can be found in mines – it is worth asking if there is a public mine nearby in local. You can also rummage it off the cliff face. Smelt it into lumps & use your mallet to make a small anvil, then make the kind of locks/nails you need. Options for storage include – a large cart, a hermit mine, a rowboat, a hoboshack, a field with a gate (notably unsecure), there are probably more. All have their pros and cons. A hoboshack is the safest thing there is on Wurm. (at the moment). This is best researched by chatting to people and in the wiki though. I know people make large carts often as well – beware leaving this on someone’s deed.  You probably won’t be able to retrieve it until they are online.

*  Brown bears can swim. No further comment needed.

*  You do not need a deed or premium to build a hoboshack – just one flat tile on undeeded land, and the materials. Hahaha “just”.

*  The minute you nail the first plank, the shack is yours. A writ should appear in your inventory. People can get grumpy about shacks spoiling their view etc so before building it’s polite to check with people living nearby – better to have them on your side, but your call really. Wurm is pretty suburban, though lethal – true wilderness is scant. If you build in someones perimeter, being the hardass (read: annoying twit)  you are – be aware that you cannot repair the thing. They will laugh as it decays around your ears. A slow burn and very satisfying.

*  Thorn bushes can kill you.                                      It was right near The Howl…. couldn’t see what was attacking me….

*  Final words:

*  A word on travelling. Easiest ways are along the roads, travel light and run fast. Always be aware where the last guard tower and water are. You can also go along the coast – probably need to do big detours around deeds often. Be wary of griefer KOS deeds on Freedom – there are still a few that kill what they call “noobs” (might as well write “I have no status in real life” on their foreheads.) Such griefing is illegal & should be reported.  If it happens to you, you will get a yellow warning in your event window. Turn around and run the way you came. You are entitled to retrieve your stuff when you have been KOS. Report it if you cannot.

*  At first you will not have the skill to flatten many tiles. When you find a tile you can dig, spend some time packing, cultivating, flattening (rinse & repeat) to raise your digging skills. Flattening steeper tiles gets possible as your skill improves. I hate grinding but thats one worth doing, since with each skill increase your options for making your very own ideal flat place increase too.

* If you are drowning but quite near to land where you can regain stamina, right click your body in the inventory for a last burst of energy to get you to safety. They didnt used to have this feature.

* Keep the rags you spindle to heal wounds. They give a quick healing hit when applied. Also, make healing covers to carry with you and farmer’s salve for bruises. Light wounds will heal, medium ones won’t but shouldn’t get worse. Anything worse then medium and 0h dear! as I often find myself saying.

* I forgot what I was going to write.

*  Mountain lions can walk through mine doors, o joy

* Very last thing beginners should know:

*  You can kill rats!   ….. errr…. dont forget to equip your sword and shield

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4 thoughts on “Wurm Online – very short beginners guide by a hardened wurm

  1. Nice guide, I have been playing for a while but still learned a thing or two from this guide! 🙂

  2. Bahen

    Wait.. what?!? There is a stamina boost if you right click your body? When was this added?

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