Woohoo lot of Wurm posts this week, I’m delighted!

Nice to see WurmOnline cropping up amongst the bloggs, it’s such an unusual game & doesn’t get huge general attention – I’m more concentrating on WoW now ofc – oooooo I almost forgot. Shocking moment! I was starting out in Anarchy Online and a personage appeared. Was it an angel? I’m not sure. It meant me no harm it said. It assured me it wasn’t an npc – it was it was…. an ARK (ArkAngel???). Shocked. Astounded. Fell of Chair. Never in all my gaming life have I started a game and actually someone dropped by to say welcome, how are ya getting along, are you stuck on anything?


So WoW, yep, am… sorting out peeveepee marcos & pets & bracing myself for that first exhilarating plunge…. straight into a graveyard no doubts heh eheh. Whatever. If you worry about dying may as well not bother isnt it. So… not much more to say about that. Today/tomorrow/soon! I’m going to try & get some screenshots done so this post might change a lot (or not at all depending). Reserved for changing text this is. And for anything else that springs into my flea-like brain. Tryouts just now… aforesaid Anarchy Online, no, you know what? I’ll keep it all as a lovely surprise, even to me. I’ve downloaded quite a few. Will close my eyes & point at the desktop, see which icon I pick.

Here goes with the screenshots:

…much loved hunting deed…. nope….

it shows in the edit but not in the actual post… (aargh!) aha!  EEW what a ghastly picture! Buuuut I did build it plank by plank from trees I grew myself from sprouts with nails I smithed from ore I mined, and – aw I’ll try & do a better picture haha. Not for a while though. This one cost numerous hs_err_pid files. Wurm has just had a client upgrade & though the new client is lovely and in all other respects runs beautifully, my ui went poof. Thing is though, when a tiny company like Codeclub AB can manage to get something running on a lapdap there is no reason why anyone else can’t. I’ve had a couple of good years of Wurming – and whats more I know that people will take the trouble to try and resolve this – not only the dev/s but the gen pub are free to chime in too (cue cries of “upgrade your rig!”)(“noooo”)(“then don’t expect to play”)(“It worked before!”)(“your Intel chipset is pants!”)(“I know!) etc. When I first tried Wurm out a good few years ago, it was all red tiles, lag and crashes. But drivers improve & if a team works at it, things get better from their side too – and I was glad when the day came that Wurm ran.

I surely hope that time isn’t over yet! The deed in the picture… it’s my favourite one. Just recently found water on it too – that’s helped a great deal. It is on the edge of the steppe half in the forest & looking out over the dunes with their mysterious herbs and fearsome creatures. It’s a nice place to be. I still want to build some more parts at the back – work is slow though… the wildlife tends to creep up on you and pounce. I keep a spooky guard for now but turned off unless I’m there and need meat. Everything is slow on Wurm – but at the Hunting Deed even slower. Herbs must be mixed and cotton grown and spindled for rags for bandages. Half the time some bit or other of me is damaged and stuck together with grass, leaves & moss but the work is also joyful and I grow strong! I’m already missing it horribly, but … well we’ll see what happens.

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