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After… stuff, I always go back to gaming. Non-interactive entertaiment just doesn’t float my boat that much. I don’t like being told what to think about things, and directed. I can make my own mind up. So… I got this lovely new hard drive and will be able to try more games out – I also have a brief few weeks with more time. What a lovely combination. But gaming time chunks are reserved for my guild.

Mostly my games are like companions – a backdrop to the day’s main tasks and events. I do stuff. Then I game some. I like games I can pick up and drop at will or play in small chunks. That’s where the bulk of my game time goes. Then now and again I get a few clear hours, which brings me to my guild. I haven’t written about my guild here yet. I started it a few years ago with 15 good people and true – we had been abandoned by our gm. We raid, we do arena in spates. It’s built of ordinary, nice people and it’s steady. Due entirely to the members we are level 25  – they did that themselves without me nagging or pushing. People put a ton of time in. They, not I, are what make the guild. Totally.

I had the time to do that – to build and grow a guild, so I did. Then I had less time and took a break. The guild is built for people who cannot work at World of Warcraft like a job, or don’t want to – that’s probably why it’s lasted so well. There’s a ton I could write about it – how hard it was to get a stable raid going could fill a book really – but the core of it is, in the end, that it’s a bunch of really splendid people who get together to enjoy a (still) good game. We hang out together & do WoW stuff either in groups or alone – either is fine. It’s very fair to say that because we all have varying responsibilities and such different things to do in our lives we are interesting – WoW not being a job works fine. I like hanging out with my guild!

There’s no big point or moral argument in this post.

I am able to spend chunks of time guild-leading more over the next few weeks though – some things might turn up here, so a little background isn’t too out of place.

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