Mr Mannering vs a Dev

If I was an old fashioned bank manager, the kind that grew businesses in their local area not the kind that moves around like a policeman, I’d be sure to ask these questions of the shiny-faced bod standing in front of me before I funded any game. I wonder if todays breed of financiers ever do.

How much money do solo players (do it all themselves) pay vs people grouped into mutually co-operative entities (guilds, villages, etc) where bought resources can be often be shared and less time is taken to achieve the same outcome (eg farm 100 flasks)? Does your game encourage solos to take on multiple (paid) accounts in order to fill crafting gaps for example, or create storage guilds? Will a solo be playing longer and more loyally to achieve a minor goal given they aren’t going to be nearly as annoyed by elements of your playerbase?

Which group of people is most likely to have cash – casual players or hardcore players?

How many people have state of the art, new computers vs their old one until they can upgrade? (at this stage I go red through to purple and puff up and say “you are cutting out WHAT % of the market????)

Which is more conducive to player retention – jerks or decents.

In an item shop how many different items costing one penny each equate to one superb item costing £20 in terms of development cost & time?

How much per month does player-made content cost to maintain (servers for the landscape & props)?  How much does theme-park content cost to maintain for a month. Now subtract the cost of generating both to find out which is more profitable.

Who is more likely to stay – the perpetually irritable and angry or the calm & reasonable?

Who is more likely to stay – someone who is constantly annoyed by mechanics/design, or someone who finds the mechanics conducive to play?

Does ganking and griefing in any shape or form help retain customers?

Heh. Don’t panic Mr Mannering. STWircRoft will be the biggest thing Evah!

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