The Breeding of Blue Dogs

Well now. My festive season was tranquil and calm – I hope that everyone else had a something similar maybe with a bit more excitement – I dont like excitement, so mine was perfect for me. School holidays are over & it’s back to a normal routine – gaming here and there in small doses for pleasure & self reward, when time permits. I like this. I do well on routine. In fact I’m a boring old frump – or trying to be.

With that out of the way – on WoW my tourist is fair enjoying Westfall the New, except the economic depression looks silly next to plush Elwynn – why dont they all just cross the bridge or swim the river to greener pastures, I wonder to myself as I dispatch another gnoll. Murlocs remain a joy – glad they are still around. On the main I’ve settled for Survival as second spec, (bm main Because I Can) and am relearning Survival in my usual methodical way. Did a few of the 4.3 new dungeons – always a misery while dps is low, but done. More later. After setting up the Surv spec I’ll sort out what pvp rags I have. It behooves me to do guild runs for the dungeons so they’ll be relatively painless, maybe I can pvp now & again too. Don’t know. Time…. Anyway not rushing to raid at all. Some guild stuff probably needs attending to but I have no intention of paying to work for Blizzard nowadays – the guild itself has matured into an independent entity – I just keep the lights burning & the fridge stocked with fish. All in all no hyper enthusiasm has been wasted on WoW the game, but I enjoy diving into it when I have the time.

Wurm – still the nearest contender to a main game for me has thrown up a couple of sparkles. As part of metagaming against decay my main should be free by the end of today to wander from deed to deed as a sort of superhandywoman, her old deed shrunk to a working smithy and a few tiles over some ore – and a caretaker alt being lovingly chewed by our pet bear in the process of feeding it. Travelling handywoman means I can use my ship more 🙂 Now there’s worth it. In the last throes of shrinking the deed I needed to sail to Freedom Harbour this morning – the sun was just up, gale from the west, I climbed aboard and realised that soon I shall be free to sail my corbita whenever I please. A sense of wonderful freedom & open horizons, the sea, the morning, the wind…. ahhhh.

Theres more to be done with the metagame of course, but it’s become satisfying now that I have made some progress. How many storage bins do I need? What’s not even worth making (lamps, lamps, lamps), where do things decay most….   When the reorganisation is complete I will be paying £8 a month on deeds (plus £10 when I want to premium an alt for 2 months) – that still seems stiff for the amount of gameplay vs maintenance. But I’ll see how it goes when I get there. Everything takes a long time – I have horses to move yet & fields to restructure – now that there is a point to it – i.e. being able to enjoy the game again, I don’t mind.

The other sparkle relates to moving horses – 3 at a time on a 2 hour adventure. Totally reminded me of why I play. It’s harsh – we had to run from a pack of wolves, some of the mountainous paths are still unfamiliar. Could have died at any time. Could have lost all the horses! Need to keep an eye on water, need to be extremely wary of the forests – its….. just quite nailbiting until you roll in at your destination because death can be very sudden on Wurm. One moment all seems peaceful…. And then, on the way back I came across a young blue dog – pretty creature – and managed to tame it! Well, ok it still looks like a walking compost heap only dark blue,  but hey I never had one before – and I like the context in which it was found, at the tail end of a gruelling trek (2 hours to home as well) as I made my way thirstily across the Grande Steppe toward a hot meal and a long sleep in my bed wot I made (and repair daily).  It’s a boy, the dog, so less chance (if any?) of breeding another blue from it, but I will try of course & there begins another Wurmy chapter. The Breeding of Blue Dogs – hehe.

Eq2 keeps unfolding new things before my astonished eyes and I confess to saving it for special enjoyment. My big girl has added some kind of scifi mortarboard mount to her regalia – I need to work in some screenshots I think :). When I have time I will. As its such a treat I don’t actually play it that much – and I have the deepest respect for the amount of work that’s gone into it. My, that really shows… I keep stopping to look at things – or listen to the sound track. Spend a fair amount of time perched on the rock just to enjoy the scenery too. The quests are fun! I am allergic to grinding, so I take it easy on them though. One or two per session keeps me perfectly happy – as does gathering here & there or crafting when I feel the urge too. All in all, just having a wonderful time there. I tend to reserve a few hours for it – so it is a now and then treat only. But, but, right at the end of my real day, I log on just to be in my Eq2 house for a few minutes. It’s become part of my “here ends the day” routine.

As for …. thingie (still no project name) well I got that code built yeehar (did ya doubt me?) and now am learning Blender. All those buttons! I’m in heaven!!!!!! Child and I are learning at the same time, which makes it the more fun as our first gingerbread men are almost worthy of being scary mobs. Much laughter has been caused by this particular piece of software – we’ll keep at it for sure, whether we use Blender or not in the end. It’s a creative pause in the coding – need to figure out what needs doing next & accumulate a few minor pieces of hardware, mostly storage. Huge learning curve here anyway – think I’ll brush up on a few other things while I pause & plan. I’m mosly stopped dead by needing a printer cartridge to arrive, now I think about it. I want to put our project plan on the walls for comment & amendment.

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