What I did on my school hols… err, no that not it

This month:

Inspired by cries of delight & pvp within the household I downloaded Guildwars again – the others have convinced me it is worth a romp. I used to play when I was still in love with WoW and their servers were down. Time to give it a proper chance methinks! So far I am admiring how pared down it is. What is there works well and what isn’t necessary isn’t there. That makes for direct and engaging play. I’m funny about pvp – I hate it until I’m doing it. Planning more to do the solo tourist thing myself and watch the others fight on their accounts – it fits in better with the seasonal domestic demands. Jingle bells…

In EQ2 I am enchanted by my first Frostfell – ohhhhhh, it’s really nice. What I have been missing out on eh? I notice this year my own Christmas tree here at home in real is subtle and delicate – a jade plant with little bears and stars hidden in the branches…. I think the EQ2 graphics are having some kind of effect on me. A triple SC day was a welcome surprise – I bought. Mind I said I wanted to spend some money but the prices weren’t right. Well with the triple SC they are, so I now have some unlockers & interesting bags & a Fae and a Tenebrous Island and my guardian who is a big girl is gallumphing about happily with some quite ugly angel wings on and a hat she crafted. And one of those sinister backpacks too. Heh.

Still loving the housing tho I wish I could figure out which settings would let me see through the windows in my New Halas house.

In Wurm I plodded through the snow fixing things and muttering under my breath. I’m sure decay is heavier now! With the time left I did some terraforming – all in all not terribly inspiring, but independently functioning online worlds are few and far between – I’ll find a way to make this work for me. I like the idea of having one main (skilling) deed and some tiny specialisticky satelites- that bit is good. I should probably figure out which items are absolutely necessary to just keep my holdings ticking over & get rid of the rest. I should probably time the repair round. One has ample time to contemplate such things, check, repair, check….perhaps I should live on my corbita! Or take up looting… no that’s just more stuff. Hmmm, repair, check, don’t repair….Ah and I found a blue deer and managed to tame it, and some little black foals were born – verra verra cute in my head – in reality all the animals onscreen look like children’s farm game animal models. Animations are…. supposedly under developement and rare. In fact the first time a bear actually reared up I almost fell off my chair I am so used to being scared of them just as they stand there gormlessly somehow emanating damage. Wurm works the same way books do – you supply much of the exciting stuff in your own mind.  Pvp is very funny indeed – you STARE at your opponent until one of you falls over because the other has better numbers. Hahahaha! And people get very worked up about it!! (see forums)  so the imagination thing obviously works just fine hahaha – ok I know it’s not that hilarious sorry, sorry (you can in fact lose your stuff). The numbers thing as always doesn’t work out – ever – …. endless twiddling with pvp balance and it gets metagamed. Nothing new there then. It still fun though – in an “aquired taste” sort of way.

In WoW I worked the target dummy a little on my main and on the Warlock meandered over to Westfall which is much changed now. I’ll see what I think of the new version. I think I chose the wrong spec – I went demo so  I can learn another more important lock from the bottom up so to speak, but really why don’t I go affliction & tour Warsong Gulch… I’m tempted. Everyone always wants to duel warlocks tis a pest. Everyone-usually-rogues hahaha – but then they want to duel everyone, so in this case pvp is probably not going to be avoided entirely. There is always that one rogue that catches me at the right moment and away we go.

On our own game I’ve hit a block on one bit of compiling some source & blech cba so I am messing about with other stuff, it’s all needed nothing’s wasted. Really need a solid block of time to work through the code stuff. I’m doing some of the light twiddly bits – like trying to think up a project name while peeling potatoes for a roast, Project Potatoes! no….Project Peeler! Onion?  Parsley! Project Parsley has a nice alliterative ring to it & suitably has nothing whatever to do with anything we have planned. Nope too hobbity, crafty-cutesy. Uhmmmm…Annihilation? LOL

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