Christmas is coming and the gnolls are getting fat…(WoW)

Yeehar decs are up and presents are … wrapped

Ok I’ll give up poyetry.

As I return on my main from a break from WoW I am of course  confronted with the behind-on-gear-low-dps thing etc so I spent some time working on that. Must say my taste for this particular grind disappeared long ago. However,  what fun I have had twiddling with addons!! I can seriously recommend it as a way of burning an hour or five. There are so many of them and I want to try them all ! Current favourite to play with is Icehud – it’s not how it looks, it’s what it can do. I had a working “rotation” (yes, yes, shot priority I knoes I knoes) in a very short time thanks to the visual information provided. Excellent! Love it to bits for that!

So that was noice. I am touristing on a little warlock as well. There is something exquisite about redoing old stuff if you haven’t been there for a long time – like reading a book you have half forgotten. Wistfully I do wish that so much hadn’t been butchered out of WoW in the great revamp of two thousand and whotsit, but it was expunged ruthlessly alas……, but there are still little things I remember and enjoy. The inn in Ratchet is one. When I first played I was trying to get to Booty Bay and I couldn’t find Ratchet for the longest time (I had seen it mentioned as one way of getting to BB) … many deaths. I gave up and ran dying some more through Stranglethorn instead, arriving at BB after some hours and discovering the troll islands (as was) along the way. So I reached Ratchet eventually backward, taking the boat from Booty Bay one day in a “where does this go” moment. And there it was – the elusive Ratchet.

The inn there for some reason is very much like some of the places I have stayed in real life during my best holidays… dont know how they managed that. There is the same spareness and yet it’s sufficient, with the great (now a bit truncated) Barrens on the doorstep to explore – ah nostalgia! I am more or less ignoring my rocketting levels, pursuing low-level quests as and when I please. For one thing not bothering with the more tedious tunnel/cave quests where you wander about wondering if you’ll ever find the whatever it was – or the entrance for that matter. And this time around my tailor is going to actually try some of the clothes she makes, so I’m evaluating mobs more on what cloth they drop and lingering happily over gnolls and razormanes and slaughtering even the poor kobold of Elwynn with joy in my heart.

I’m also taking more time to read about and learn the spells though it’s probably a waste of time. No idea who thought relearning your class periodically is a good idea. Blech. This warlock is completely different from my other warlock I started ages ago – and yes, the other one was more fun. All the classes seem somewhat generic now. Opener, dots, signature shot when possible, resource-managing shots, weave in cooldowns. The minor variations dont make for any flavour, sorry. The little lock feels very much like a hunter with a blue blob pet who is I may add just as hopeless at keeping threat as any of the hunter’s stable.

Of course the most powerful shots you need to stand still for, so I have no doubt that most group fights will need movement. Solo, the pet can’t hold threat, so you throttle most of the time and never really get to see if you can do big numbers. Jerk the player around mechanics at their best – I cant say I’m much tempted by group content on the warlock at all – she’s for enjoyment. My bigge elfe main (hunter) I’m used to all that and just do my best hopping about & stance dancing, & gauging the tank’s abilities before I shoot if it’s a strange tank, but that’s more like work. I’m not in the mood for work.

At home the decorations are up and there is a satisfying little pile of presents under the tree. School’s out tomorrow – I have tons of food for growing hungry people! The most I’ll do on WoW is tweak talents, reforge, check gems…. maybe. I’m kind of working my way towards gearing up to raid again  but I honestly can’t say I really care a huge deal. I don’t like seeing the raid struggling for an extra dps, so I’ll be around I guess. Hopping on the secret warlock for a half hour of leisurely questing/crafting now and again will mostly be the better option. Very enjoyable it is too.

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