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At some point during my time as a guild leader I found out that much as I like the people I play with, some times I fancy being on my own –  doing what I like, when I want to. I began to roam. I began to try out other games – I unilaterally decided that having social choices in an MMO is perfectly valid. Some days I want company. Other days I don’t. Some days I have time for prolonged group activities, other times perhaps for months, I don’t. At the point where the next step up in the game I was playing was to become hardcore, I sniffed the wind, smelled the freedom of not doing that, and bolted. I demoted my main game to just another one of the choices and headed for horizons new, and experiences untrammelled.

It should have been a bit sad – lone play is not supported in any meaningful way by most MMOs at the moment (2011). You can wander around, possibly do some quests or craft a little but mostly you are supposed to forgo progress, and are deemed unworthy of endgame and the best loot  like some digital pariah. It should have been a step down. But the sheer freedom of doing whatever I please when I want to has proved exhilarating – and it’s not very lonely either I may add. Most people are capable of making friends in the normal course of events online (and offline) and meeting new people naturally is very much part of the solo player’s spectrum.  As is waking up and not worrying about some digital dilemma, knowing instead that at some point, if it is convenient, I will dip into some game & enjoy myself thoroughly. It all feels far, far more pleasant.

My playground is  comparatively limited  though, I cannot deny it. I am in no doubt that my style of play is on the whole not catered for – often actively discouraged  (I don’t really care why – marketing is their problem, maybe I’ll think about it some other time).

And the attitude of some players can be blinkered I suppose… the best loot is generally reserved for the ubergamers, the dungeons and raids are all too often not accessible unless you group. Gosh it’s awful  … I think I’ll stick with it   🙂

Having got that out of the way

At the moment I am bouncing around in Wurm Online, EQ2x and World of Warcraft, so I’ll probably blog about those. Other games being played in our house are Guild Wars, Glitch,  Stranded 2, Forsaken World ummmm… – I think thats all of it. Today is a bright, sparkly, frosty winter’s day & I’m off to do things while it is light. The sun sets early in winter here, that’s when I escape to more exotic climes online.

A brief note on finances – although f2p is completely wonderful for checking games out initially, I usually pay my way if I like something or if solo access to content is above the norm. Wurm has had a  good subsidy from me for a while now due to being outstandingly solo-accessible, though some (other) things are beginning to niggle  and I should probably take a break from it. I like to vote with my purse and again I don’t give a hoot whether my contribution is a drop in the ocean (market share = their problem). Even taking that into account, I am spending less money and having more fun.

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