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The Dust Settles (housemove)

First and before anything I want to say sorry to the people whose comments I didn’t manage to answer while we did all the heaving and shoving. In my world if someone takes the time and trouble to speak to you, it’s a naughty thing not to take the time and trouble to listen and respond, so heartfelt sorries from me for that. (Of course some people open their mouths to release nonsense too – but if I hadn’t learned to deal with that somewhere along the line, I’d not have lived eh. That doesn’t happen very often though, and generally a thank you to everyone who gives me the time of day is how I feel about people who are kind enough to comment here.)

Very relieved I am that all this is over now, I must say and happy to be back here blogging, almost as usual. There’s a lot still to organise. We don’t have beds! So I suppose that’s a priority, sort of (hehe). I rather awfully don’t mind sleeping on the floor and am not inclined to hurry on that, but I realise other people aren’t as daft. I’m also not the worlds most enthusiastic shopper (understatement) and will have to make a special effort – ugh. I’ll do it next after writing this.

There was a ton going on between moving and being in the middle of Edinburgh during the Festival and gaming suffered bigtime. Poor laptop – it’s not been the same since it crashed while trying to load Vanguard while the servers were down. I know they’ve been doing some work on networking for Vanguard and maybe that contributed to the crash. Anyway down she went, and I couldn’t fix. Not because I couldn’t fix, but because I couldn’t get in to my own system. A fiendish combination of UAC (aged lappy is still Vista) and AVG meant that not even a chkdsk was possible. It would load as far as the AVG files then stop. AVG may not be the culprit, they swear they aren’t (but then they would), but that’s what happened. As a result I’ve discovered the wonderful world of boot USB’s but I lacked the time to really sort out a solution, and in the end took my beastie to a professional for a much needed clean and blast of air and to get the hard drive reformatted safely.

After that Wurm wouldn’t work. It still doesn’t, GW1 had the 2x Windows Media Player running in the background again (and I still haven’t remembered how I disabled it). Plus my down arrow key doesn’t work (but that’s due to wear and tear). I’m fond of my laptop and my computer professional person is looking for a replacement keyboard as I write. To cut story short, all my games need their little tweaks and workarounds redone, and I just don’t have the time.

But EQ2 still runs and I’ve played that a lot – certainly enough to justify a sub. That will continue now until other games come creeping back over time, but then I’ll unsub. If you play a lot, a sub is not bad value. It’s not great, but it’s not bad. The price point is wrong in my opinion, but my explanation will look like err, something only I could come up with: 15monetary unit/month only translates to .50monetary unit/day after a moment’s thought. In the first split second it comes across as daysinthemonth x2 (i.e.60)  monetaryunit per month and that impression stubbornly persists, against all math and logic and has to be re-undone every time I think 15monetaryunit. That will be because of how my brain works of course and I’ve no idea if anyone else shares the same reflex. At the risk of seeming even stranger another example is: 10monetary unit/month: first impression = “only 10!” – no calculation at all you will note, followed by “do I like this game 10monetaryunit everymonth much?”  I think the point I’m making mostly is that price point is a lot about how people subjectively budget or see numbers. If you don’t have some kind of personal relationship with numbers, I should think I can be safely ignored.

On the other hand a personal relationship with numbers does have some merits – I have an arithmetic system that is based on how I personally think about numbers. It goes “hmmm I don’t like that number I’ll change it to one of my favourites” plus some reverse engineering at the end. This works just fine and is very quick unless you’re  unfortunate enough to get yourself in a position where you have to add up columns, for which I have a different system(aha!)  (or grab a calculator works too).

How did I get on that subject? Oh, probably by trying to avoid shopping for beds.

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Apologies for the gap in service!

I am about to embark on house move no.2 back to my normal reside and the ancient laptop succumbed to one Blue Screen of Death too many and had to go to the vet. It is back now poor thing, convalescing and sulking in equal measure, having developed a nervous network error tic from the shock which is playing havoc, havoc I tell you with my normal online life. Wurmonline also now mysteriously (or maybe not) refuses to run – but I don’t have time to catch you up completely just now. I have been huddling, positively huddling in eq2 because it has kept working throughout all this and it has earned itself a sub for a few months for that – I know there’s a sub debate on, but I assure you this is coincidental and has more to do with security blankets than any detailed and interesting thoughts on payment models. I will be bahck when the boxes are shifted and everything is connected up again to my satisfaction!

Sorry rushed post and apologies also for unattended comments.

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On the Move (real life)

I have to get everything I own completely packed by 8.30 am tomorrow. No pressure then eh. It is mostly done, I have studiously decluttered and boxed things over the past couple of years, the process has eaten almost all of my spare time, yet somehow now the “last bits” just never seem to end. I guess it’s going to be an allnighter.

On the good side I have working internet at my destination. Service will resume when I have recovered – and I can finally burble here about plant pots and Wurm 1.1, going back home to Vanguard, and going even more home to EQ2 where daughter has purchased herself some kind of glade-cave which looks, as she puts it “aaahsum”.

It would be wonderful to get back to PlanetGardenShed too – but life has an unpleasant way of commandeering all my time – and I do mean every moment – for the most horrible looping activities instead. Ugh. Still, I can hope. At least the packing will be over. It remains to see what will leap into it’s place.

I’m very tired :(

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I’m sorry I was so resistant to Twitter!

I hope I didn’t call it the work of the devil ….errr…. yes, well. I have been using it for a couple of months now and it’s really quite sweet. It does a very nice job indeed of aggregating news sources in a superbly concise format and saves me loading sites that are heavily overburdened with ads and tracking software (not only exploitative but o so sloooooooow).

It also does an extremely good job of letting me know when something is happening, far, far faster and more efficiently than the kingmakers (our mainstream media). If there is misinformation, there is no shortage of people quick to correct – which is no surprise.  The few with a mission aside, most people prefer truth and accuracy. (Yay for people!) I don’t have any apps yet – that’s still to be explored. If anyone knows any good ones I’m willing to have a look and give ‘em a whirl. The bus remains my cleanest source of news, since I can filter it via how well I know the person talking but Twitter adds a new window to the world, which is welcome.

In particular, I like the way it undermines the kingmaker-media completely. I suggest they stop believing their own selves and have a good gander at what their potential customers really think. Might find it something of an eye opener (giggle) – and a rather large clue as to why their influence is waning and their sales are foundering. Still on the subject of the kingmakers I suggest they find a personable lefty to be nice to and rather quickly :) – the right, right, right and right are not grabbing the public’s imagination in quite the way intended.

I’m in such a good mood today. I really don’t mind being wrong and admitting it – it actually cheers me up, it’s just like losing a wart. Now for some more Neverwinter!

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Yay for young people with brainssss

gzzzz on your celebrity young man, you completely and utterly deserve it!

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Cucumber Eye Frizbees

When this family began, the first baby could only just about hold a mouse. Yes, as soon as they could do that they were exploring mimmies computer along with everything else the great world had to offer. It was part of the scene and part of their new little lives along with dandelions, clouds, peas, stones, butterflies and everything else. Then after that we went into about seven years of intense crafting. The productivity of the young is stupendous by the way.

This house became a truly wondrous cave full of glue and sculptures, paint and pictures. Clay, salt dough, old sprirographs collected from charity shops, rescued barbies, rocks, homemade kites, cardboard houses, collages, stars, moons, suns, butterflies, fluffy toys, things that talked to you when you stood on them at midnight, spiders, seedlings, meandering crayons, poetry, practice writing, drawings, paintings. I seldom left the house without glitter in my hair or opened my handbag without distributing sequins upon all and sundry. I liked it very much :) – I think you can tell.  A lot of time was spent clearing workspaces, organising the general production and finding places for everything. The kind of housework I truly do not mind.

About 5 years into that crafting phase school erosion began in earnest, and although crafting continued unabated for a while, mental escape became more of an issue. This happens to us all I think. So, the focus shifted. Suddenly there grew piles of books, an interest in handheld gaming toys. Things that allow you to escape for a little while to another world and have some headspace that isn’t to do with grades, friends, competition. Discretely (and a bit sadly) I began storing the best of the crafted and gently steering the need for a mental haven into making a game ourselves as documented pretty much in this blog. Nothing too hefty, all more exploration and experiment. And above all everyone here and anyone that ventured in was encouraged to play!!!

This paid off of course – is it really all that surprising? The grades of my gamers are uniformly excellent, and years in maths are skipped. Etc. Games make you think, whether playing or creating them. So, that lasted a goodly while too, and now it’s teenagers, and the computer is fading. It looks like it’s going to be a few years of creating our own cosmetics, and otherwise developing personal style. They are finding themselves. (I will continue computer work in the background – I’ve discovered a couple of gaps in the schooling. Plus, I think I just like it.)This is also (as also documented) the best time to deconstruct, declutter and generally redo everything ready for their early adulthood, and my bit where they go off and do own thing. I solo half the time as it is, so that’s not going to be a big strain but at this point I can make my domestic environment more conducive to the things I like. What a lot of words. I’m having a big redo in preparation for the next years.

I will not write our eye-frizbee recipe fully since it didn’t quite work out (cucumber, green tea and witchhazel are what is in it). It was meant to be eye-gel. It smells great! And is quite nice to hold in one’s hand… very cool and smooth, but I think we should try again hahaha – oooo fun! I do hope I’m in for five years of cosmetic production to match the crafting and computer/book phases.

This weekend – avocado!

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Arg the heating

has packed in. I’ve made sure everyone is somewhere else (mostly grandma’s) and am holding the fort solo. I have an electric storage thing that will keep me warm, so it’s not too bad. Even so I’m in my hoodie. Being visited by people with soup. I refuse to call anyone out because it is Easter Sunday, of course. The funny thing is it was serviced last week. In this day of digital aids perhaps gas companies can time your boiler to fail during times when you will be charged double or triple for callouts??? hmmm…. Come to think of it tinfoil under the hoodie might work quite well and conserve heat. Whether it is a conspiracy is irrelevant. I’m still not calling anyone out until Tuesday.

I liked the format of the 3am post yesterday with the headings, so going to try using it again. (I’m being persuaded to abandon ship here, but meh, I’m ok. Plus still tired and in need of another peaceful day.) Figured out what’s wrong with yesterdays post – some fights are too big, plus there are just too many of them. Fights I mean – not tinfoil kind of “them”. To sum it up I’m worried how things are going in Britain but don’t fancy being squished in crossfire anytime soon. Ranting here is futile too. Most of the stuff needs to be settled through the courts at high levels. Meanwhile I strengthen the good things in life where I find ‘em and keep an eye out for non-leech stragglers eh, that suits my temperament better anyway.

There is one thing I’d probably work to see improved - when the littlies are all grown and safe. That’ll be some time yet though. It’s a white fury issue with me, never mind red mist – I personally would be happy to see children’s social work dismantled one paperclip at a time and replaced with something that’s accountable, competent, properly monitored and effective. Too many failures. Of many kinds.  I’m stopping right there on the subject though. Now isn’t the time, and again, a rant here is futile.


It’s a perfect day for Wurm. I must say it’s nice to have 2 wild pigs come up and nose about while I fix a wall. The hunting cave looks like it’s worth expanding a little now too.


I’m having another go at all the paperwork while it’s peaceful round here. Thinning out old bills, tying up with string and depositing in mauve document boxes (hopefully never to be seen again !).

Vanguard (vital information!!)

Never mind the ultimate build, here’s how to move the store icon around the screen. Worth it’s weight in gold this. Thankyou, thankyou!!

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Time out

With great relief I might add. That’s Easter launched. I wasn’t happy with the second post I did today – took ages to write and then I had to keep rereading it because something’s bothering me about it. I’m still not sure what. Now, after what must be the 50th reread (ok maybe I exaggerate) I decided to give up for now and remove it.

I’m just tired and I know it. If I was three I’d have put me to bed with a hug ages ago :)

Will look it over again and see if I can fix it another day. The 3 am one is ok – …….noooo! not getting up every day at 3 am. Not even for the bloggy woggy.

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Below zero again

Hmmmm…. mini ice-age? It’s not a lot below zero, but uncomfortable. Must be about a month now. More? Mostly staying inside places. I miss outside! Later today I will go out and risk breaking a hip. Meanwhile: ( .wav sound maker for that superduper retrowav. sound). Yes the neighbours think I’m mad. Apart from the one that’s also a computer nerd. He understands.

For anyone idly batting the same ball of string with a lazy paw (shall I try doing something for android?) :!/2011/10/android-development-eclipse-vs-intellij.html looks interesting (need to pay for this one). I don’t somehow think there’s a decent free/open source alternative for this task. (I’ll keep looking though). Eclipse really is orrible! The text editor glitches and you think you have an error in your code? Nah. Not doing that. Sry. It’s not only off the menu, it’s off the radar. 2013 now and a lot of open source is better (and more flexible) than paid alternatives (and more fun!!) - open source is for grownups now. Eclipse is an antique with very old-style bugs to prove it, the kind that miraculously vanish on restart , or mysteriously aren’t there when someone else tries your code, errors that come and go randomly between one run and the next identical run! Being free doesn’t excuse that kind of sloppiness nowadays (I haven’t used anything so bad in *years* !!).

I don’t have an android btw. I just want a learning-something-type reason to keep the emulator on my hard drive. (I’m not into clutter).

Maybe I should declutter the house again. Stuff is creeping out of the woodwork onto surfaces.

Blech still have paperwork. I’m on the second pass through the total paperwork in the house. This time reorganising it. Still 2.5 metres of the stuff in here and I’d rather be able to find that one bit I need easily. Now and again I find some I missed first time around and can throw away. Bliss. Plus paperwork means Wurm. I like this option.

It’s actually …oh… 3.20 am. I can’t sleep properly when it’s cold like this. The house is warm enough, but the cold registers somewhere in my crocodile brain and instinct is to sleep only for short hours then move around. It’s annoying – I could do with sleep after 5 or 6 weeks of this, plus I can feel the energy bill rocket every time I get up and reheat the living room in order for my bodily chemical reactions to function. On the other hand: (the series entitled ‘When’”) made me laugh so much that my heart has gone all warm. This is a good thing, I started the weekend very crabby. I notice more now I look back.

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I’m not having a day off (Wurm)

just so you don’t know. I never tell people if I have days off. It’s fatal. People immediately find ways to keep me busy. I intend to not spend this day I’m not having off mostly on Wurm recharging batteries and returning to my happy self!

Wurm and not another game because it’s still the best virtual world and the real one outside is below zero as well as bonkers (   -   I rest my case).

If anything interesting happens I’ll write about it. And as a caveat I might get diverted – it happens oo a butterfly. I better use headings.

This person is not very popular (and weekends are trrrrrrrolltime) but he has gone straight to the point. It’s a poll. Should crafting be allowed in a crafting game?

Well you tell me. The databases being unable to cope unless everything deteriorates rapidly (except deeded walls, keys and locks) has resulted in me logging in this year only to repair and improve stuff. I log in for the virtual world, the fact that development is live and ongoing, that the playerbase is interesting, that I can get real paperwork done while I chop virtual trees. Due to limited playtime (like what most people have) I’m on Wurm for a ton of reasons none of which is (currently) gameplay. Go figure.

Still fooling about with it. Once you get rid of the obvious bots – (PR for musicians, tv chefs, football), you get people doing activism – also partly botted judging by the repeats. Activism via Twitter is ok by me,  but I do think an acceptable format has to evolve so it’s not witch hunts. So far the art of using Twitter appears to be finding anyone with anything interesting to say. The Blender community is nice to follow. And I also like the Dalai Lama’s gentle reminders err …to remember to be gentle.

Bound to happen. Well in Wurm my brain was idling and then it spotted a string of thought that was half hidden under a piece of cheese in headspace from earlier on today. So I fired a few things up in the background and  managed to get a working android emulator on the laptop (quite cool).  After that I started doing xml things to play with the emulator ….. you know Eclipse is the buggiest thing I ever did see. I almost went nuts before I looked at all the complaints in stackoverflow.

I can’t pretend Wurmtime is nonproductive. Emulator will come in very handy – maybe for that spinoff. If I can find a way around Eclipse. Now my brain hurts and I’m tired, (but very pleased with myself for remembering to explore that emulator and getting it to work). Also I forgot to eat lunch! I should use it.

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